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Fallout 2 for Dummies

Fallout is probably the best post-apocalyptic series of games ever written. On the eve of Fallout 3‘s release, I have to share a link to this hilarious record of one man’s trip through Fallout 2… with 2 Intelligence and 2 Perception. The game itself is funny enough at that point, but is immeasurably increased by his diary-like entries for each plot point:

Fallout 2 for Dummies: A Post Nukular After-Action Report

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Inc.com has a great article interviewing Alex Rigopulos, co-Founder and CEO of Harmonix (makers of the video games Rock Band, Guitar Hero, Frequency, etc.) about Harmonix’s long road to success. I’ve been a fan of their games ever since Frequency on the PS2 (4-player XLR8R!), and it’s great  — both as a game consumer and as a fellow software startup entrepreneur — to see them hit it big.

Alex also gave a great speech at the DICE 2007 conference, called “Living the Dream” — Coding Horror has a good writeup of it. I’ll give you a sneak peek of one slide, as it shows what life is like for many startups (and most don’t make it 10 years):

And now I’m feeling nostalgic… so here’s a song/level from what I think of as Harmonix’s first game:

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The Gibberlings3 modding community has a Widescreen Mod to allow you to play Infinity Engine games (like one of my all-time favorites, Planescape: Torment) in any resolution that your monitor can support instead of the original 640×480. Combined with the community-supported FixPack, I’m looking forward to taking another run through the world of Planescape!

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