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The pictures from our trip through New England earlier this month are finally uploaded, and you have three options for your viewing pleasure:

Highlights of the trip — 41 cool and interesting things we saw

Nice shots — 27 photos that I thought turned out especially well

And for those gifted with extraordinary stamina, all 667 photos from the trip.


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Strafe Left was a favorite comic series of mine that I always enjoyed seeing in PC Gamer. This one was one of my favorites, and (as the artist himself says in the comments on that post) was the reason that SL got booted from PC Gamer.

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Fallout 2 for Dummies

Fallout is probably the best post-apocalyptic series of games ever written. On the eve of Fallout 3‘s release, I have to share a link to this hilarious record of one man’s trip through Fallout 2… with 2 Intelligence and 2 Perception. The game itself is funny enough at that point, but is immeasurably increased by his diary-like entries for each plot point:

Fallout 2 for Dummies: A Post Nukular After-Action Report

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Inc.com has a great article interviewing Alex Rigopulos, co-Founder and CEO of Harmonix (makers of the video games Rock Band, Guitar Hero, Frequency, etc.) about Harmonix’s long road to success. I’ve been a fan of their games ever since Frequency on the PS2 (4-player XLR8R!), and it’s great  — both as a game consumer and as a fellow software startup entrepreneur — to see them hit it big.

Alex also gave a great speech at the DICE 2007 conference, called “Living the Dream” — Coding Horror has a good writeup of it. I’ll give you a sneak peek of one slide, as it shows what life is like for many startups (and most don’t make it 10 years):

And now I’m feeling nostalgic… so here’s a song/level from what I think of as Harmonix’s first game:

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I love that Austin’s mayor is the kind of guy who would lead a Thriller dance performance:

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