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I’ve shipped many things over the years, more often than not with UPS. I’ve had packages lost, packages damaged (including one that was run over by an airplane), and one package that was dropped so hard that it shattered the bookshelf speakers inside it. Each time, I’ve come away with it with at least an okay feeling about UPS and their practices. In this case, though, their fairly cavalier attitude towards what is a pretty obvious act of theft that Dennis blogged about already has definitely made me less likely to use them in the future.

(Basically, Somewhere within UPS from Dallas to Austin, a UPS employee opened the box of the laptop I was being shipped from the home office, took out the laptop and the power supply, and then resealed the box.)

I think the things that shocked me the most were not only that it was a failure case I never envisioned… that not only would their controls be lax enough for this to happen in the first place (which, with security there are tradeoffs, and perhaps it’s too expensive to eradicate, we were the unlucky few, etc.) — but that their reaction to what is a blatant theft along their chain of custody is a corporate *meh*. The UPS employees we’ve interacted with in response to this have pretty much just shrugged their shoulders and said “Yeah, this happens sometimes.”

Have I mentioned recently that FedEx Ground has quite reasonable rates?

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