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So, if you’re like me and reinstalling Eclipse and Subversion (or switching to Subversion from the built-in CVS plugin), you’ll find yourself thinking, “Hey… something’s missing. I just edited a file, but why doesn’t it look right?”

Subclipse Undecorated

Eventually, you’ll remember, “Hey… I used to see a greater-than sign (>) in front of all my edited files, and an asterisk before newly created files — where did that go?” Personally, while I like the icon decorators, I find that they’re not quite as noticeable and with some of the icons getting decorated 3 times — a warning decorator, source decorator, and source control decorator (like the two source folders do) — it’s just not as obvious when you have files changed as when you have the text decorators set up:

Subclipse Decorated

To me, it’s much more obvious that src/tests has a modified file underneath it. Ex-Eclipse CVS users will especially miss it.

So how do you turn that functionality on for SVN? It’s in the Preferences, under Team->SVN->Label Decorators. In the Text tab, “Label decoration for outgoing” and “Label decoration for added” are both blank by default. To get the text decorator functionality, just put in a ‘>’ and ‘*’, respectively.

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